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"Design is a language not a style" - Massimo Vignelli


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While I love to design, I am not "just" a graphic designer. My mind lives in the communication strategy world, and I am intentional about what my designs visually say. No two jobs are the same, and I am always looking for new and better ways to communicate an idea.

It is important to me to understand my clients and their organizations. I ask questions, but more importantly, I listen. I want to know who my clients are trying to communicate with, what they need them to know, and what concepts, colors and feelings they do and don't want to incorporate.

I enjoy working with others, so I welcome team efforts, but am also experienced and comfortable enough to take on solo projects. I have a special interest in branding and logo design, and I focus on incorporating a brand's true essence in its visual identity.

If you are interested in discussing an upcoming project, please reach out any time! I'd love to meet you and learn more about what you'd like to share with others!


branding  logo design    creative campaigns 

 advertising   publication design  creative strategy   
 marketing collateral   web design  signage 



Clients & Collaborations

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